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To witness a wedding is to witness society in microcosm. "Double Happiness" is a "coming-of-age" wedding drama. It takes us to the wedding of a Chinese couple whose parents collapse into their most childish selves, turning a self-important ritual into a chaotic fantasy.

In showcasing the adults in this film as the children they are inside, my intention is not to make a mockery of marriage, but to invite critical examination of the wedding ritual itself, the society that shaped it, and the insecure souls who still revel in it in my homeland today.

Scarlett Li
New York, NY, USA
Scarlett Li is a writer/director born and raised in Shenzhen, a young city on the south coast of China. She is currently pursuing her MFA in film directing and writing at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where she is an Ang Lee scholar.

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