About this submission

The aim is to document a change in the creative process of Ukrainian artists in the home front of the country in today’s realities during the patriotic war.

Introduce the viewer to Ukrainians that despite everything continued working in their field at the call of heart and managed to sublimate their creative energy into help for IDP (Internally Displaced People), AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine) and Ukraine in general.

We’ll find out how the life of Ukrainians changed in the context of today’s patriotic war.

If we’ll have a chance to show the world community the real Ukrainian home front in a cultural context, then for most viewers it will become clear what exactly our soldiers are protecting and fighting for. So our documentary will carry an educational task in a deeper assessment of the worldview conflict of Ukrainians, which was carefully concealed by propaganda of so called “russian world”.

In our opinion “Wings” will be able to capture Ukrainian cultural rise during the war crisis and reproduce the portrait of today’s unbreakable Ukraine. This portrait will work as a manual of humanity, unity and self-identification for many Ukrainian generations.

In the film title we’re quoting our classic poet and writer Lina Kostenko “Humans allegedly can’t live in the sky… But we have our wings! And we can fly!”, which contains a lot of context and allegories about spiritual symbols, wealth of thought, confidence, and talent of a human. We capture all these features in our conversations with the protagonists.

We aim to film the material with international volunteers who also have artistic backgrounds , but are helping Ukraine now. This will let us open up the subject of Ukrainians during the war, create the vision of the problem of the issues from a third party for the viewer.

Filming style: we’re only using a hand camera and practical lighting. Basically the camera functions as an observer which is always watching a protagonist.

Artistic expression: to show eclectic reality “unadorned”, where in every town of Ukraine two worlds are combined - past world in peaceful times, and present world at war, where even houses of culture transform into humanitarian aid collection points. We’ll also show opposition of these two worlds in monologues of protagonists, their inside conflict with reality. The video will be in two languages (original - Ukrainian, subtitles - English). Running time - 30 minutes.

Editing: in order to plunge deeper into the atmosphere of the movie we’re also using long takes, and panoramas, in-frame editing, and camera span in narrow spaces, imitating a flight for a viewer.

Music: arpeggiators, synthesizer ambient with sounds of an organ , which was passed through distortion in a guitar amp. Best reflects the worldview of an author, which he also combines with a feeling of his own flight.

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