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Richard Michael and Eddie, two friends as close as brothers, set out on an adventure one humid gulf coast night, revisiting old haunts and memories. Eddie struggles to overcome his demons in the form of combat PTSD and when things turn tragic, Richard Michael must find a way to carry on for the both of them.

New York, NY, USA
I attribute my upbringing in technicolor, sticky-sweet, New Orleans to my attraction towards deep spirit. I'm a multidisciplinary artist in Brooklyn and I've always been drawn to creative work that rewards collaboration. After receiving my BA from Bard College in Theatre and German, I founded and devised work with a theatre company for three years. During my time in the company, work was created as part of Ars Nova’s ANT Fest and BAX’s Upstart Festival. I have a great love for both traditional and contemporary storytelling, evident by my work as a filmmaker as well. I bring to my work a background as a camera assistant, having worked for cinematographers like Zach Sky, Ava Benjamin Shorr, Geoff Taylor, Jon Nelson, and Luca Bigazzi. My own work refuses to be confined; the stories I tell are expansive, therefore so are the forms they take. I experiment with themes of fragmentation, connection, grief, and hope. My short screenplay "Arverne by the Sea" was a 2020 Semifinalist in the Scriptation Showcase and my feature screenplay "Dancing Soldier" was a 2020 Quarterfinalist in The Script Lab’s Free Screenplay Competition. I am an avid learner and just as avid a teacher, thriving in creative environments where communal engagement is key. My creative work is a conversation, not just an answer or a question. It plays a part in how I form community, as I believe creating and consuming are collaborative. This labor of love is reflective of my working-class upbringing as is my commitment to the craft. As a queer woman, I know my art exists outside of assumed binaries just as I do. Across all my work, I am committed to pushing storytelling forward and making the art of doing so more inclusive. more...

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