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This documentary explores my father and I's relationship through our shared love: film. We explore his short history as a film producer in Pakistan and his immigration to the USA to become a full-time computer science employee. Years later, he was extremely hesitant to let me pursue film and this documentary uncovers why. This story is about my immigrant father's hopes for his kid's futures and his lost dreams of pursuing a career in film that is coming out in the form of me.

Philadelphia, PA, USA
Saba Ahmed is an emerging Indie Film and TV Filmmaker. Currently, a student at Temple University in Philadelphia pursuing a degree in Film and Media Arts with a concentration in cinematography. The foundation for her work is centered around sharing real stories of the individuals or places captured. Her work has been featured twice in the Temple University’s Diamond Screen: Women’s Fest in 2018 and 2020. Currently, she is in the pre-production phase of "ROOTS", the post-production phase of "Fire in an Empty Room", as the Director of Photography and in the writing phases of her narrative debut, "Killing Me Softly". more...

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