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"Criteria Kya Hai" is a small piece of the lives we, as young Pakistani girls, have to lead on a daily, marred by generational social and cultural beliefs that are strengthened in a community trying to define itself in a foreign land. It is told in a way we would like ourselves to be portrayed on screen, as regular flawed characters who are forced into a late coming of age and yet, still, persevere and find themselves.

Aneesa Khan is a Pakistani-American Filmmaker, Writer, and Media Manager. She directed and wrote the acclaimed short film "The Girl With Anklets," receiving Best Cinematography at Pakistani Film Festival Australia 2021 and selection at six global film festivals. Aneesa also co-hosts the Desi Talkies podcast, bridging cultural gaps by reviewing South Asian media. She's currently in post-production for her next short film “Criteria Kya Hai?” which was also selected as a Narrative Short Finalist for the 2023 Tasveer Film Funded by Netflix. more...

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