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Concerto is a feature screenplay about the pain and conflict that can arise around having to make decisions for a loved one who is no longer able to do so for themselves. It's a small budget film, and the comps would be Still Alice, The Father, Tyrannosaur, The Squid and The Whale, Marriage Story. As currently written, the story is based in the UK, but the themes are universal, so it could easily be relocated. Any feedback on what works and what could be improved would be great. I improved the screenplay thanks to generous feedback from Collab, and that draft made it to the Second Round in the Drama Feature category of the Austin Film Festival 2021. I've completely reworked it since then to tighten it further.

The log-line is:
'When an inhibited pianist develops early onset dementia, her family are thrown into conflict about how to honour her wishes while she can still appreciate what is happening to her.'

Thank you!

Sheffield, UK

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