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Canary in a Mine is the transformation story of a young, emotionally charged man, after the tragic loss of his younger brother. Q, the main character, is led to discover his own happiness in coping with his loss after being introduced to a warm hearted woman, Tumani. The two connect after Tumani saves Q from a near fight encounter, causing them to both be intrigued by one another. The story follows Q as he visits his brothers memorial in order to keep his essence alive. Helping Q cope with trauma, Tumani introduces Q to meditation to bring him true happiness.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Growing up in Oakland, California provided Takai with the right perspective and social conscious he needed to thrive as the artist he is today. Commonly known as takaitheartist, Takai is a creative professional with a lifelong passion in film and storytelling, along with other digital arts. Drawing on influences from artists of many mediums, Takai strives to have the voice of Banksy, the reach of Bob Marley, and the impact of Walt Disney. Takai graduated from the nation's number one public university, UCLA, with a BA in Film, concentration in Directing. Takai has been dedicated to Directing and filmmaking for over 7 years and throughout those years he has worked on numerous kinds of projects, including documentaries, music videos, personal projects, and short films. Now, Takai looks forward to creating a lasting impact on this world through storytelling. The ability to tell stories is a powerful tool that Takai aspires to use as a resonating force to inspire human discovery within each other, in order to extinguish hate and ignite LOVE. more...

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