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While recovering from the grief of a miscarriage and a dying farm,
Mabel and Abraham are visited by a strange traveler who offers them a
chance to wager true love for each of their deepest desires. Their deal
leads to the magical growth of a suspiciously bountiful baby from within
their own farm, and a torrent of needed rain. Following these miracles, the
two are suddenly plunged into a slow-growing nightmare of their own
creation, eventually finding themselves forced to face the visceral consequences of the question: how far will one go to get what they desire?

Destinee McCaster
Destinee McCaster is an Arizona-gone-LA director, editor, actor, and writer, freshly graduated from the University of Southern California with a BFA in Film and Television Production. She loves exploring the universalities found in stories of growing up, queer womanhood, and artist identity. Drawn to pairing statements with dark, visceral storylines, she currently enjoys exploring the spaces of psychological horror and surrealism in her filmmaking. She has worked across mediums of film, design, animation, and new media to amplify visual, emotional stories that impact a wide range of audiences. As a queer, female, biracial storyteller, she constantly seeks to utilize her own underrepresented experiences and ideas as someone navigating life alongside companies and creatives that aim to define and deliver fresh forms of storytelling to audiences everywhere. Her films have been awarded at festivals including NFFTY (Programmers’ Pick + Audience Award), Fundance Film Festival, the Feminist Media Festival and the CAFT Festival.

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