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A middle-aged couple in a contemptuous relationship uses the wife’s affair to punish each other in an endless, bitter psychological game.

Cactus is about a couple, JAY and GABBY, both over-achievers in their careers, who engage in psychological games and arguments in an anguishing love-hate relationship. They seize every opportunity to harm each other, and both suffer from the lingering pains of this toxic relationship. ​

Jay is in emotional pain; he undermines Gabby for being selfish, and unfaithful; he believes Gabby has ruined his life. Likewise, Gabby has the same feeling and believes that Jay never loved her and just used her wealth and fame to promote his career. Gabby feels compelled to punish him for her wasted love and her young years and takes revenge through her occasional affairs to make him pay. ​

Inviting over her lover, BILLY, Gabby arranges a situation to punish Jay, and destroy his confidence; she puts him in a circumstance where he confesses that he has ruined her life too. ​Jay and Gabby both are in pain and suffer the same fate. ​

I am a San Francisco-based filmmaker and visual artist. I started my professional career in 2002, and since then, I have worked as a scriptwriter, director, and producer. more...

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