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I used to have a bad habit of mimicry. Obsessively, I’d go to Wikipedia and commit to memory everything about someone I admired. Where did they go to college? What were their hobbies when they were young? Did they drink? I'd steal it all. I found false hope in others’ skin because I had never felt welcome in mine. I remember earnestly praying to God that I'd wake up as someone else. I told this story to excise that from myself—the self-hate, the self-destruction—and those who've felt it too. Because, as the film depicts, it leads only to deeper loneliness.

I am an NYC-based writer/director/producer. My experience includes over 1,000 hours of on-set experience for short-form projects, directing an award-winning short film (Briefly Gorgeous), and considerable time spent in the production office of union films (ranging from Tier 1 to Majors). I was fortunate to receive enough financial aid to attend The Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts and receive an MFA in Film Production. Their unending support made me the first in my family to receive a 4-year degree, as well as the first to receive an advanced degree. more...

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