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Rooted in Pa Klang village in rural Thailand, the Hmong community blends tradition with modernity. This short documentary focuses on the role of female Txiv Neeb, or shamans. Their stories echo through the hills of Pa Klang, highlighting the contrast between traditional ceremonies and the contemporary challenges faced by Hmong women in Thailand. Against the backdrop of rural northeastern Thailand, we explore the resilience of female Txiv Neeb through generations of adversities. With intimate moments and ceremonial rituals, we are allowed time to reflect on identity, womanhood, and cultural heritage.

Blake Knecht is a documentary filmmaker from Las Vegas, NV, specializing in analog and experimental processes. She received her B.A. in Media Arts Studies with a minor in Environmental Science; now she is currently living in Chicago and working towards her MFA in Documentary Media at Northwestern University. Blake's work has notably engaged with the female experience, and she hopes to tell stories about climate change and environmental justice. more...

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