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This story is loosely based on my experiences as an adopted Vietnamese woman and conversations that I’ve had with my own mother about motherhood and adoption. I have always wondered what I would do if I were in my birth mother's shoes.

In Prague, I found myself fascinated by the second generation Vietnamese-Czech population and the similarities to my experiences with cultural disconnect and assimilation. After learning about the Baby Box initiative across Eastern Europe, I feel as if it would be a disservice to myself to not center my film around a Vietnamese protagonist and adoption.

Gabriella Miko is an adopted, Vietnamese-American woman, director, cinematographer, and a senior at NYU Tisch School of the Arts studying Film & Television. She is also an intern at The Daily Show. With her films, she hopes to elevate the unique and unheard voices and stories of transracial adoptees and underrepresented communities across the United States. more...

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