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While searching for his missing wife, an ex-marine unknowingly becomes a recruit for a clandestine network of intellectual freedom fighters when he helps a mom and her pregnant teen survive Bounty Hunter Crossing in 2032 Post-Roe America.

Hi! I recently decided to segue into writing/directing. I've spent the last several months writing my first ever feature screenplay, RED MOON, and just started working on a new project, BOUNTY HUNTER CROSSING, for which I have 2 short film drafts and ACT 1 of the first draft for a feature film script (or potential pilot). I am also interested in developing BOUNTY HUNTER CROSSING into a series. I've begun the process of seeking financing for RED MOON, although that is obviously proving to be a challenging endeavor. While submitting the scripts to various contests and grants, I am saving so I can finance and direct the short film version of BOUNTY HUNTER CROSSING, hopefully within the year. Any advice is most welcome, as well as any new friendships that might form along the way. Feel free to connect with me on Instagram (@katelynkpearce). I make a point not to check it often, but do periodically and always look at dm requests. Below is my less personal, profession bio: Making her writing debut with RED MOON, Katelyn Pearce is best known as ‘Lilith’ in Fangoria’s PORNO (SXSW 2019) directed by Keola Racela and featuring Robbie Tann (MARE OF EAST TOWN), Larry Saperstein (HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL) and Jillian Mueller (THE CREW). Born in Dallas and raised in Michigan, Katelyn currently splits her time between New York City and Atlanta, GA. Shortly after arriving to New York, she helped create the hit digital series SO, SOHA. Katelyn starred as ‘Jenna’ while also serving as executive producer, earning her nominations for best new comer actress and best supporting actress at multiple film festivals across two seasons. She also appeared in DON’T LOOK BACK, directed by Jeffrey Reddick (FINAL DESTINATION), which features Jeremy Holm (THE RANGER), Jacqueline Fleming (ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER), Amanda Grace Benitez (ALL CHEERLEADERS MUST DIE) and Bryan Batt (DARLIN’’). Katelyn has a supporting role in the upcoming film MAN BEHIND THE CAMERA, starring Matthew Lawrence, Gabriela Quezada (FLOWER), and Cara Santana (SANTA CLARITA DIET). more...

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