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My name is David Chester. I'm originally from Los Angeles, but am now based in Tokyo where I morphed from a professional songwriter into a professional screenwriter. I have written four commissioned screenplays, one currently on Netflix, one currently on Amazon Prime.

This month's submission is my female-driven drama BIG SISTER: A successful woman abandons her career to save her destitute younger sister, but her efforts backfire and she becomes the one who needs to be saved.

BIG SISTER is in the vein of AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY and BLUE JASMINE. It was written after the tragic deaths of two my family members. What came out of that was the realization that we often enable bad behavior in the people we love, thinking that we're helping them when in fact we're hurting them.

BIG SISTER has been a 3x-finalist and a first prize winner once in various screenwriting competitions.

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