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A young woman wanders around downtown Chicago, waiting for a response from her loved one.

Present stage of this work: Nearly final version

Some of my earliest and fondest childhood memories are on a small tape somewhere in my garage back home in Chicago, shot without permission on my mother’s old Sony Hi8 camcorder. I would repeatedly steal it from the living room closet, run out to the backyard, and reenact scenes from Saving Private Ryan - a film I shouldn’t have been watching at five years old. I carried those dreams of portraying heroes with me into adulthood and went to Europe to train as an actor in August 2017. During drama school, I realized that I didn't only want to be in front of the camera, but behind it as well, and began learning my way around Premiere Pro. Each year of my training, I made a short film documenting the memories I made across the pond, in addition to shorter, more experimental projects. After graduating and arriving back in Chicago in June 2020, I founded an independent film production company named twoforthewild, and began pre-production on Blue Converse, Forgive Me, and the application for my master's in film. After being accepted to ArtCenter College of Design's graduate film program, I moved to LA in July 2021 and began the next part of my journey, now one step closer to making the films and portraying the heroes to inspire the next generation of kleptomaniacal yet Spielbergian sons and daughters. more...

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