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FILM “ARCHAEOLOGY “BY CARLOS EDUARDO THOMPSON, SCREENWRITER AND EXECUTIVE PRODUCER. Conceptual Art Project Synopsis The film "Archaeology" is directly related to two lines of the Theater: Bodies, Images, Languages and Cultures "and" Scenic Construction Processes and Methods". The script starts from a theatrical text in two acts, which will be transferred to the cinematographic language. The first is due to the transdisciplinary and transculturality of Archaeology itself, as it has in the geopolitical frontier and performative practices, ritualistic and ceremonial studies. Which is the narrative for Archaeology through the theatrical creation process that will generate knowledge and new experiments in the field of staging, acting, including spatially studies, landscape architecture, archaeology and cinema, scenography, props, animated figures, lighting and having as methodological support the concept of film based on the idea of plurality of signs. FINANCIAL PLAN: Application of Tax Incentive with 100% Deduction (Tax Incentive) for Global Brands and Participation in World Festivals.100% Return on Investment for Stock Exchange Investors

Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Carlos Eduardo Thompson ( Rio , 1968 ) Hexa World Champion at F1 by Mercedes Benz AMG Petronas Team , Artistic Director. Visual Artist. Designer.Director Artistic for Fashion. Movie Designer [Recording Film Agency [40537]. Poet. Dancer. Writer [ORCID 0000-0001-5278-5506]. Archaeologist Member of the European Association of Archeologists and the Russian Geographical Society , Music Producer and Lead Engineer of the Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton Stevenage Since 2012. more...

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