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With work and life challenges magnified by COVID-19, the suicide risk has grown to one out of four Americans ages 18-24 (CDC June 2020). Isolation is not a good thing, and WFH can mask the struggles our peers and friends are experiencing at any age and stage. Particularly those who are marginalized or unseen. This under-1:30 video brings home some of the causes and expressions of these serious challenges -- and hope with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1 800 273-8255. Watch it, pass it on, and reach beyond the surface to help them. And know that this project was motivated by the nearly-successful attempt of a former coworker to end his life in the last 60 days.


#mentalhealth #depression #help #suicideprevention #hopeful #loveoneanother #prayer #wfh

Too many words. Not enough pictures, sounds, and music. That's what compels me to express my beliefs, values, and priorities through film. A focus on simple images, woven together to communicate bigger ideas, is at the center of my creative and production efforts. With an extensive background in international corporate and commercial projects, now is the time to get more personal. More local. More powerful. More intent on positive outcomes for people and communities, with the energy I'd found in doing international development work centered on indigenous women's cooperatives in Central America and beyond. more...

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