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An exploration of the universal feelings of entrapment & isolation felt across the world during the Covid-19 pandemic told through contemporary dance. Set amidst a sunrise on the day the lockdown restrictions were finally lifted, the film tackles what it means to be free of constrictive restraints as a creative artist.

Manchester, UK
Daniel Bott is a Writer & Director from Manchester, UK. He graduated with a degree in Film Production from the university of Salford and has since shadowed on TV Drama, directed commercials and recently narrative shorts. Daniel was brought up by two artistic disabled parents and is drawn to social realism and unrepresented identity in film as a result of his background, he often explores these themes through an experimental and unconventional style, incorporating heightened realism to tell his stories. He aspires to direct Film & TV and is currently writing a feature based on his local pit-mining community in the 1930's. more...

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