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“Adam’s Song” is a story that explores my own complex relationship with my immigrant father in hopes of finding a newfound understanding of love.

The cultural barriers between my father and I have always made it difficult to empathize and convey love to one another. Years of misunderstanding and miscommunication created rifts and inflicted pain upon both of us, much like Adam and Edward.

Since this film comes from such a deeply personal place, its creation has been a major development in my father and I's own relationship, an experience I hope to share with others who face similar struggles.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Nathan Xia is a Chinese-American, multi-hyphenate artist from San Diego, California, who spreads his time between writing, directing, acting, and music. He graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BFA in Film & Television Production. His films have screened at festivals like LA Shortsfest and the San Diego Asian Film Festival, won audience awards at the Nashville Film Festival and NFFTY, and gained distribution from platforms like Apple TV, Amazon Prime, PBS, and Omeleto. Xia's innate fascination with misunderstood people inspires him to tell stories driven by deeply emotional performances from complex characters. His films explore themes of mental health, coming- of-age, and the Asian-American experience through an emotionally vibrant and comedic personal lens. He currently works as a freelance narrative, music video, and commercial director/editor and has collaborated with clients like Universal Music Group, Hollywood Records, and Godmode. more...

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