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Here's a first go at a treatment for a feature I'm developing. Still loose. It's a comedy, so I'm hoping it's funny, or that it's at least clear how it might be funny. But it's also a personal one for me, about making peace with the pain we give and take in our closest relationships, in our families. Hopefully some of that comes through.


Meet the Andersen Family. But, of course, you know them already, The Musical Andersens, Norway's favourite family. Once.

These days, they mostly can't stand the sight of each other. Still, their Christmas special has been on television every year since 1990, those more innocent times when we first fell in love with MARIT ANDERSEN, her angelic children JULIA, TOMAS, AND VIKTORIA, and father EGIL, the songwriter, on the piano.

With Egil gone, and each remaining Andersen falling on hard times, could a lost song, never recorded, be the key to the Andersens finding their way back to their glory days, and each other? Marit thinks so.

But Marit, says Julia, is not to be trusted.

Oslo, Norway
Jobbing screenwriter with a feature comedy, and a handful of series in (endless) development. Lucky to frequently collaborate with talented writers and directors on their projects; punch-ups, production rewrites, miscellaneous tinkering. more...

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