Andrea Mays


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Writing is an instinct. And it began in my journals as a little girl in Canada. It is how I connect to the world inside and around me. In romantic drama, and even in psychological horror, my characters grasp for connection. Freedom. And redemption.

Inspired by a nomadic spirit, and a B.A. in Film Studies, my writing plots thickened with travel, teaching, and programming film events. In recent years, I have studied at the Jacob Krueger Writing Studio in New York and Sundance Collab.

Enter 2019 - my first table read. Many people asked if my writing was about me. Sometimes. We write what we dream, and what we know. I dream of a huge kitchen with a red pot of adobo, and a stack of fresh dhal puri on the counter. Other times, no one can ever be like the ever-powerful Fallon, the last of the Caribbean vampire lineage. Then the expats Alma and Boom in Seoul who spend their last weekend together before being deployed to Afghanistan. My life has filled my passport with stamps, and graced my mind with tender adventures. Then the Ancestors enter. And like all scribes, I listen to their stories. And I write.


Do the Right Thing (1989)

Biutiful (2010)

Moonlight (2016)

Old Boy (2003) / Corridor Fight Scene -

Before Sunset (2004)

THE GAP by Ira Glass-

From Matthew Weiner

Anything IndieWire

Everything No Film School

Braving the Wilderness By Brene Brown

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron (Do the weekly tasks. Seriously.)

Like Brothers by Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass

Beloved by Toni Morrison