Tim Kang



Tim S. Kang, a New York & Los Angeles-based cinematographer, works as a director of photography in the motion picture industry on narrative, commercial and documentary projects. His list of commercial clients include: Cover Girl, Disney Interactive, DreamworksTV, NBC Universal, Vanishing Angle, & YouTube. He also has photographed multiple independent narrative features, shorts, web series, and documentaries. In addition to his production work, he also regularly consults and lectures advanced color science and cinematography seminars at AFI, Chapman University, UCLA, USC, Woodbury University, and various film industry vendors.

Tim also consults and works as a motion picture color science workflow engineer. In the past, he developed a log encoding equation for the IO Industries Flare 4k and 2K cameras to facilitate their incorporation in a post-friendly VR camera workflow. Currently, he develops and manages the color science engineering for Quasar Science, a motion picture LED fixture company. Tim also conceived and formed the Lighting Committee of the ASC Motion Imaging Technology Council to address the pervasive production color issues stemming from LED and other forms of solid state illumination. This effort assembled the motion picture industry's leading LED fixture manufacturers, post production color scientists, cinematographers, and lighting technician union to tackle these issues.

For formal production training, he received his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in cinematography at the American Film Institute Conservatory under the tutelage of Stephen Lighthill, ASC and Robert Primes, ASC. He also has interned for David Stump, ASC and Ron Garcia, ASC. Previously, he studied biomedical engineering at Johns Hopkins University and worked as a biomedical researcher and microscopist in Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. He has multiple co-author credits for peer-reviewed published papers.