Terra Wellington

Sundance Collab Community Sustainability Leader | Producer | Writer | Actor

Los Angeles, California, United States

Terra Wellington is an American producer, writer, and actor. Her start as a young writer and performer began in Chicago, in speech and concert piano competitions, along with beginnings in journalism and a love for international cinema. She is drawn to exploring how culture and beliefs affect our decisions and relationships. Her works humanize female characters who struggle against the odds, stereotypes, and society. Weaving character-driven stories into socially relevant topics is Terra’s forte. Her writing and creative producing include the supernatural drama television series MAGNOLIA HILL (PGA Create Finalist 2022; Quarterfinalist at CineStory, BAFF, Screencraft) and the paranormal drama WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF (BAFF Official Selection, adapted from the short story TWO SANTA ANAS). She is currently producing a climate-change movie: the upcoming sci-fi thriller feature film HABITABLE, of which she is also the screenwriter. Prior commissioned narrative works include the writer of the adapted feature screenplay YANKEES WEST about the injustices and triumphs in 1930s Los Angeles and co-creator and writer of the fantasy children’s television series PRINCESS ZARA. She is also a writer of two climate-action books: author of THE MOM’S GUIDE TO GROWING YOUR FAMILY GREEN: SAVING THE EARTH BEGINS AT HOME (St. Martin's Press) and chapter contributor to THE REDUCETARIAN SOLUTION (TarcherPerigee). Terra is known for her wellness and environmental activism, appearing in over 2000 television news guest interviews. As a performer, she cultivated her acting talents through extensive performing and training in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and the UK, including with Gregory Berger-Sobeck of Yale University. She has worked in television and film, predominantly as a lead in indie films portraying sophisticated women in uncertain, vulnerable situations. Terra resides in Los Angeles. She is a member of SAG-AFTRA, Film Independent, Women in Film, and The Gotham.