Tabitha Jackson

Los Angeles, California, United States

Tabitha Jackson assumed the role of Sundance Film Festival Director in February of 2020. Serving as the Director of the Documentary Film Program at Sundance Institute since 2013, she and her team encouraged the diverse exchange of ideas by artists with a mission to champion the power of artful cinema in the culture and to support a more expansive set of makers and forms. In 2019 she launched and led a new pillar of work at the Institute – Impact, Engagement and Advocacy – with the goal of reasserting the role of the independent artist as a dynamic force for social good.

Prior to joining Sundance she served as Head of Arts and Performance at Channel 4 Television in London, where she supported the independent and alternative voice and sought to find fresh and innovative ways of storytelling, including executive producing Mark Cousins’ cinematic odyssey The Story of Film. She is an award-winning Commissioning Editor, director, producer and writer who believes passionately in the arts as a public good.