Kazina Maxine


Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Sheena Maxine Pruiett “Kazina Maxine” is originally from Oklahoma City and an Artist who is passionate with her creativity. She is an Artist/Actor, but also has a strong interest in TV & Film Development, writing, and filmmaking. A natural creative at heart who is driven by faith and passion to make a difference for Artists in the industry. Storytelling is her passion and has always been who she is as a person. Being able to live life and go through trials and tribulations all develop who we are and the stories we can create from our own experiences. She is very imaginative and vivid in her storytelling. Sheena is a staff member with the Sundance Institute for the Annual Sundance Film Festival as a volunteer and member of the Sundance Collab community. Also, she is an independent contractor with the Salt Lake City Film Group Corp. Before Sheena embarked on her film career, she previously served in the Federal Government for over 10 years in the Air Force Civilian Service (AFSC) where she gained life experience in humility and character. Lastly, her art and creativity is what she hope to give back to the community and to be a leader by example.