Rama Ayasra

22-year-old Jordanian filmmaker, studied Digital Filmmaking at SAE institute Amman (Bachelor Degree - Middlesex University London). Previous work include: Writer/ Director of “Cadence of the Valley” short film funded by the JFF, Director & Producer of "Hikayat Al Cinema” TV program for Al Araby TV, Director of "Ja'afar the Cat" one-shot short film, Writer/ Director of "Nos Lera" short film, Director of "Crowded Sakeb" short documentary (Audience Prize: best documentary in Franco Arab Film Festival, official selection in five other film festivals), Assistant Producer in "Capucci” feature documentary for Al Jazeera Documentary, Writer/ Director/ Editor of “Full Frame" PSA, Assistant Director in “The Captain" short film, Director/ Editor of “Badi' al-Zaman al-Jazri" short film, Writer/ Director/ Producer/ Editor of "A2Z daycare” commercial, Producer of "Chivalry is Dead" music clip, Assistant Director in "Murder of Mr. Samer" short film, Writer/ Director of "Escape to Imagination" silent short film.