Mikael Kinsimba is a Highly-motivated narrative filmmaker Based in Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya. He has been shooting, directing, editing Films, and doing graphic design for almost 2.5 years. After graduating from Filmaid film School, he engaged with building the communities in the camp by empowering the youths to tell their stories through visual storytelling. Mikael's work always looks into the dark corners, finding the light, and addressing the themes of justice, transformation, and healing. In late 2022, he Produced and Directed his third low-budget visual poem “colors” which he uploaded on YouTube and Vimeo after his second visual poem “make believe”. Moreover, His recent script “Greater good” did win the first position in Rise from dust writing competition organized by The Learning Lions institute. Mikael's main career goal is to one day direct a feature film for a major production company.”