Michael Camerini

Michael Camerini shoots, directs and produces films and documentary series that travel across geographical and subject areas as diverse as women's rights and social change in India, artists both famous and not yet so, and the struggle to balance religious and cultural identity with mainstream values in the United States. His approach to filmmaking is notable for a camera technique that is fluid and non-intrusive, and a style of filming that encourages extraordinary access, as people tell their own stories, whatever the cultural context. An interest in what it means to be a foreigner is the unifying theme in his work. Notable titles include Born Again, Kamalaand Raji, Well-Founded Fear (2000) and the 10-part documentary feature series How Democracy Works Now (2013) and Niger: Tales of Resilience (2016). His production company with Shari Robertson, The Epidavros Project, is located in New York City.