Maya Daisy Hawke


London, England, United Kingdom

Maya Daisy Hawke is an editor and experimental filmmaker. Her current project, UNFATED YET, a live online video installation, was first presented in March 2020 by First Look at Museum of the Moving Image and the Sundance Documentary Film Program. The next iteration is upcoming at LACMA. She is the creator of the interactive social media video novels, BOX OF BIRDS (2016) and CURRENCY OF DESPAIR (2014), both Facebook based. She was co-director of LITTLE ETHIOPIA, a love story between two editors, told as a live documentary, which was performed at the Sundance Film Festival, Frames of Representation and First Look (2018-19). Maya is the editor of over a dozen feature length documentary films, including CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS (2010) and FREEDOM FIELDS(2018). Also the BBC television series HOUSE OF ASSAD: A DANGEROUS DYNASTY (2018), and MOON LANDING LIVE (2019) for UK Channel 4. She is an editorial consultant on feature documentaries internationally; an advisor at the Sundance Edit and Story Lab 2018; an advisor at the Sundance New Frontier Story Lab 2019; and a Sundance Nonfiction Directors Residency Fellow in 2018. She trained polo ponies in Singapore as a teenager and worked for Apple in the 2000s making commercials. She is from Christchurch, New Zealand and now lives in London, England.