Maria Judice


San Francisco, California, United States

M is a visual storyteller working in cinema, writing, photography, and public art. Her films and writing combine a fictional and documentary narrative approach. As a graduate of CalArts M.F.A. Film/Video program, wired magazine called her a "filmmaker provocateur." PALM TREES DOWN 3rd ST. won the Adrienne Shelly Award and was called "a masterpiece" by Film Threat.

The award-winning sci-fi MOONLESS was reviewed by Stigmart/Videofocus13. Her screenplay PUSHING FUTURE FAST was published by Obsidian Literature Journal. Obsidian Theater Festival produced and staged her play A METAPHOR IN 3 ACTS. In 2021, M produced Neptune Frost, the directorial debut of Saul Williams co directed by Anisia Uzeyman which premiered at Cannes Film Festival in the Fortnight Section.

Indigo Impact was founded in 2016 to produce impactful left-of-center documentaries, fiction narratives, art projects, and community campaigns. As a total cultural worker and hood educator, she sits on the board of School of the Alternative, offering affordable non-hierarchical arts education. Classes on cinema studies are taught in open virtual and public space to advance discussions on the future of Black cinema. Curricula include: SCREENWRITING ROOTED IN DECOLONIZATION AND ABSTRACT THINKING, THE PRINCIPLES of GOOD STORY, BLACK FILM as PROTEST, and the 101 ESSENTIAL BLACK FILMS.

Her first feature, ELEPHANT, is in post-production. She can be found on Yelamu land named by settlers as San Francisco, kicking around the fog.