Linda Wei

Community Leader / Writer / Director

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

A polyglot first-generation immigrant, Linda Wei was born in rural China and transplanted to the even more rural Midwest, all on the middle-class aspirations of her single mother. As a curious but awkward seven year old adopted into a Black and mixed-race family, Linda was eager to explore her unfamiliar surroundings through imaginary friends and the lens of language. Thus, storytelling became the gateway for her to process her rapidly evolving inner and outer realms in a chorus of Chinese, English and duet of both. Her drive to explore new worlds prompted her venture to Egypt, where she immersed herself in Arabic for several years. Now, she is an emerging writer/director who crafts multi-lingual scripts rich with the colorful nuances intrinsic to each language, their emotive expressions and cultural histories.


Linda graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service and an enduring love affair with international relations. She combines her background in policy with her passion for social justice and the visual arts to tell personal stories ripe with sociopolitical context. As an artist and activist fresh to the calling of cinema, she actively champions underrepresented communities and stories.  She programs for the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival and serves as a translator for immigration non-profits.


Linda deeply believes in the power of speculative fiction and its ability to close the gap between perceived realities and radical new possibilities. She enjoys painting, poetry, and experimenting with new mediums like VR and AR.  


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