Laura Moss

Director / Screenwriter

Laura is director and screenwriter from New York City. She has earned jury awards for her films at Tribeca, SXSW, Melbourne International Film Festival and Hollyshorts. Her short film ‘Fry Day’ can currently be seen on the Criterion Channel.

Laura’s recent project, the pilot of the sci-fi/comedy series, ‘NEUROTICA’ (starring Karen Gillan and Jon Bass), premiered last April at the Tribeca Film Festival and won Best Director for a Comedy Pilot at Seriesfest. This year, she was a fellow at the 2020 Sundance Screenwriters Lab, developing her horror feature ‘BIRTH/REBIRTH’, an all-female redux of the Frankenstein myth.

Artist's Chosen Interviews:

Artist's Chosen Resources:

WEBSITE: film-grab - Curated stills from films, sortable by title, director, cinematographer, and more. Always inspiring for building a visual library/identifying a visual style.

PODCAST: Scriptnotes - Great podcast for both screenwriting craft and industry news from a screenwriting perspective

BOOK: The Devil Finds Work by James Baldwin - Brilliant longform essay. Explores how biases and blind spots soak into all our work. Be patient with the recaps and references films you haven't seen; they pay off.

FILM: A Serious Man by Joel & Ethan Coen (on Netflix) - This film is a spiritual experience for me. I return to re-examine it a several times a year, whenever I'm feeling lost as a filmmaker or as a person.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Frank Horvat - This little article doesn't do him justice. Frank Horvat's fashion/verité/photojournalism work is so deeply narrative. If I'm stuck writing, I can look at a photo of his and imagine entire worlds of story.