Kiki Roeder Daza


Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Kiki Roeder Daza is a producer and writer specializing in interactive storytelling, narrative filmmaking, and new media production. Her production company, Punctuate Studio, explores the intersection of film with emerging technologies. Daza proudly supports fellow creatives as a Sundance Community Leader. She also hosts Script Club, a monthly event for screenwriters. Prior to filmmaking, Daza built and sold two companies – a software platform and a digital strategy studio. She's worked with clients across four continents, ranging from tech startups to Fortune 500s. ....................... Are you NEW to screenwriting? >>> Check out: + The Sundance Collab Writers' Cafe. This free community provides writing prompts, networking opportunities, and a discussion forum. + Studiobinder. Their newsletter and YouTube channel have great introductory videos and templates to kick off your cinematic career. + The Script Lab. Read their library of scripts, pilots, and teleplays. Get announcements about upcoming contests. Dive into educational articles that break down dialogue and plots. + The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb). Good writers read a lot of scripts. This database features a massive library of screenplays that you can read, download, and study for free.