Jimena Muhlia


Los Angeles, California, United States

Trained in architecture and theater, Jimena has been making films since 2013, at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica from where she graduated with honorable mention in 2019 with her short “Lily <3”. She is currently developing her debut film “The Diver”. She is a Member of the NALIP organization, Freethework U.S.A. and Berlinale Talents Guadalajara alumni. “Lily <3” (2020) premiered worldwide at FICM XVIII. It obtained the awards for "Best Photography, Children's Revelation, Best Direction and Best Half-length Film" at the Crystal Screen Awards (CDMX Nov, 2020), and 15 prices around the world. While "Evaporado" (2017), participated in several international festivals such as FICM XV, ShortFest (Palm Springs), NYLFF (N.Y.), ZlinFF (Czech Rep.), FEMCine (Chile), etc. “La Caja China” (GIFF 2018, CineAutopsia) received the bronze medal at the World Stage Design Taipei in 2017.