Jennifer Sharp

Director / Editor / Writer

los angeles, California, United States

Jennifer Sharp is an award- winning director, editor, writer and graduate of NYU, Tisch School of the Arts. Her first feature film, I’M THROUGH WITH WHITE GIRLS, received numerous awards, and after a theatrical release, it was distributed on Showtime and Netflix, among many other cable networks. Her most recent feature, UNA GREAT MOVIE, was a life-long dream of hers until she decided to stop dreaming and make it a reality. So she made it a reality by not taking "no" for an answer, producing it herself, and getting a small Mexican town to support her in shooting the movie there. UNA GREAT MOVIE can be seen on Amazon, Tubi, GooglePlay, and YouTube Movies.

She is a believer that Art has the power to change the world, and that artists have a responsibility to facilitate that change through sharing their truths. Her film, WAITING, reflects on how we spend our lives waiting passively for dreams to come true. BOXED speaks of the baggage that we choose to carry around. TIME TRAVELERS is a reflection of the absurdity of humans’ obsession with time. In UNA GREAT MOVIE, Jennifer uses humor to address racism, tourism, and how making art a business can destroy art.

An all around filmmaker, she has numerous other credits as writer, director, editor, producer, and art director. She was the art director on Marlon Wayans', A HAUNTED HOUSE 2 and Netflix’s, THE BABYSITTER. She is currently in post production for her 4 part docuseries, DARE TO DREAM WHAT YOU CANNOT IMAGINE, which chronicles in detail the journey of chasing her 20 year dream of making her movie in Mexico.

She is currently an instructor at NYFA and Sundance Collab—teaching classes in Directing, Producing, and Production Design.