Jeffrey Relf

Storyteller: Writer/Director/Producer

Los Angeles, California, United States

2020 Bronze Lens Award-Winning Short Film Producer. I'm an ex-fashion guy turned writer/director/producer via UCLA's Film Extension program from 2017 to 2019. I've written a collection of short screenplays, and in 2018, produced and directed my short film "Jesus Children of America" shot with the iPhone-8 (runtime 15-mins). I've completed three feature-length screenplays, "85", an alternative coming of age dramedy, "An American Punk Tale", the biopic of an all-black male 70's punk band's journey, and "BURGEN", the story of a news editor turned drug trafficker. In 2019, I was selected as a screenwriter for CMG/Festival de Cannes’ emerging short filmmaker’s program, where my screenplay “Baggage” was produced and screened at Cannes’ Cinema Olympia. In 2020, I was a grant recipient of “Always Write, Writer’s Room Workshop”, and currently I'm producing my short screenplay "Crystal" about a budding young trans starlet who crosses paths with a middle-aged bus driver, and eventually finds themselves in a place of rediscovery.