Jeffrey Lindsay Relf

Storyteller: Writer/Director/Producer

Los Angeles, California, United States

With a focus on content that illuminates the obscure Black experience, Black subculture, and Black stories that just will never be told, I’m a 2x Award-Winning Short Film Producer, and an ex-fashion guy turned writer/director/producer via enrolling in UCLA's Film Extension program from 2017 to 2019. In 2018, I produced and directed my short film "Jesus Children of America" shot with the iPhone-8 (runtime 15-mins). I've completed four feature-length screenplays, "85": an alternative coming of age dramedy, "An American Punk Tale": the biopic of an all-black male 70's punk band's journey (check it out on Blacklist), "BURGEN",: the story of a young female news editor who lives a covert life as a heroine trafficker, and “Almost|Fifty”: a Xennial dramedy that follows a group of same gender loving African American men as they navigate love, marriage, family, success and challenges, while one of them approaches his mid-century mark. In 2019, I was selected as a screenwriter for CMG/Festival de Cannes’ emerging short filmmaker’s program, where my screenplay “Baggage” was produced and screened at Cannes’ Cinema Olympia. In 2020, I became a grant recipient of “Always Write, Writer’s Room Workshop” where I wrote my first one hour original pilot “TARP”, and became a Film Independent Fellow for my doc-series pitch “The Color of Fashion”. I am currently writing my fifth feature screenplay “Turnt”, just finished writing my second original one hour pilot “Afloat”, as well as expanded and producing S2 of the YouTube macro series “Losing Hope”. Created by and staring Derek Daniels.