James Kandel

London, United Kingdom

​My name is James and I grew up in London. I studied Business Economics at Lancaster University and was a member of Grizedale College. I presented radio shows on the University's student radio station, Bailrigg FM. I was station manager during the academic year of 2009/10. I started writing after taking a break from studying towards being an accountant. I travelled down to Nice, France, from London by train and rented an apartment in the same building as the Negresco hotel for four weeks. The following year I stayed in an apartment in Nice, near the old port. This is where I got my inspiration for my first two books. I write under the name James Swallowfield. This is because there is someone on YouTube that has the same name as me. When not writing, taking pictures or making videos you will probably find me walking or riding my bicycle somewhere. Hotel Espionage is my first movie script. I am now looking for partners to help develop it, so it can be made for the big screen. My ultimate goal is to have the movie premiere at the Cannes Film Festival within the next five years.