Harrison James

Writer / Director

Harrison James studied directing at Boston University where she received the Dean’s Grant for Filmmaking. She then attended the American Film Institute Conservatory as both a Screenwriting and Directing Fellow. Her screenplay STILL LIFE was a finalist for the Sundance Lab. She is currently writing and directing VENICE BEACH CC, a series, and SHOOTING STAR, a feature about a Marine who comes home from Afghanistan and re-enters his life, changed. She recently directed stage productions of COWBOY MOUTH, SAVAGE LOVE, and FOOL FOR LOVE, all written by Sam Shepard. Harrison is a working writer for producers such as Heather Graham, and directors such as Julian Goldberger, Autumn DeWilde, and Melodie McDaniel. Her spots for Spies Travel were directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, and won the Bronze Lion at Cannes. Harrison co-founded Girl Trip, a production company, panel series and festival to advance emerging femme identifying filmmakers. She is on the Directing faculty at the American Film Institute Conservatory, and is thrilled to be a new Advisor at Sundance Co//ab. Devoted to being an actor’s director, she currently studies with Nancy Banks. Harrison lives and works in Los Angeles, and is represented by Anonymous Content.