Hadi Nicholas Deeb

Hadi Nicholas Deeb grew up in Pittsburgh. He has written for shows such as as Blindspot (NBC), FBI (CBS), and See (Apple). He earned undergraduate and law degrees from Harvard, then went onto practice law at a large New York firm, where his clients included the new government of Iraq. Hadi then switched gears to earn a Ph.D. in linguistic anthropology from UCLA and wrote his dissertation on the shifting meaning of authorship. Another gear change led him to the Warner Bros. Television Workshop, which helped launch his writing career.

Creative Resources

Steven Pressfield's The War of Art; other artists on challenges (e.g., Le Guin's rejection letter for The Left Hand of Darkness); physical activity; activity (if possible); someone to bounce things off of (best in combo with a walk); taking a break (especially at day's end).

Photo credit:  @davidcarlsonphotography