Glenford Noble

Sundance Collab Community Leader | Producer | Writer | Actor

Melbourne, Australia

Sundance Collab Community Leader/Producer/Writer/Presenter

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Glenford Noble is an Afro-Caribbean producer,writer, actor, model and radio broadcaster. His start as a young reporter began in South London where his skills as an investigative journalist took him to work on several ground breaking television shows for UK broadcaster Channel 4 in the mid 1980s.

He was also drawn to cinema and wrote his first screenplay "Scarlett" about a black private detective. After several trips to Hollywood (there was no Zoom, internet or email in those days!) the script was optioned by the late Sidney Poitier but sadly never went into production.

After a stint at the BBC as a documentary producer he moved across to BBC drama and was a script editor on "Eastenders" one of Britain's most popular long-running shows. There he learnt how to help writers improve their scripts and to hone his own abilty as a writer.

Glenford's strength is creating strong female lead characters and telling unique stories. His writing and creative producing credits include the award winning "One Night Stand" drama series for Australian television which discovered new writers, actor and directors and a similar concept called "Funky Black Shorts" for the BBC.

He is the producer/writer of two feature films in development: "Florence" is the untold true story of America's first Black female classical composer, Florence Price. "Codrington" is about a black female anthropologist who is chosen to decode rare Caribbean slave records and in the process uncovers a secret criminal organization which threatens society and her life.

Glenford currently produces and presents "Sacred Spaces" a series about architecture and urban design in the community for Australian television and hosts his podcast show "The Spirit Within" where he invites artists, muscians, writers and poets to play their favorite ten tracks and discuss how the music has influenced them.

He is also a volunteer at Bayside Community Care in Melbourne which seeks to provide restorative justice to those who are socially marginalised. This is accomplished by reducing poverty and suffering by providing relief and second chances.