Ginger Rex

Actor, Writer, Creator

Ginger earned BA in Broadcast Journalism and studied theater at the University of New Mexico. She hosted the weekly television show, Southwest Hot Chefs and Restaurants. She is known for her great sense of humor and kindness. She has enjoyed her roles in many commercials, television, and movies. Most recently her recurring role in the series Badwater, the Tribeca film, Dreamland, produced by Margot Robbie, and the Ey Rey series, From Dusk Till Dawn. She is the voice of Chloe and narrates the audiobook series Someone Else's Fairytale. She continues to work and thrive in the maturing New Mexico film environment; by supporting and creating independent and short films. Ginger is grateful to have many friends and allies in the industry. She continues to be a strong and supportive member of the New Mexico film community. Wonderfully, like many actors, she has branched out and entered the realm of screenwriting. Ginger virtually attends a tri-weekly writer's cafe through the Sundance Institute and has developed a writer's group in her community in rural New Mexico.