Eboni Zamani

Writer / Director / Photographer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Eboni Zamani is a filmmaker, photographer and writer hailing from Philadelphia. She got her start in filmmaking in high school with a documentary about youth in the military. Visual and written storytelling became her outlet of choice. She is currently writing and producing films and various media projects via her production company, Pearl’s Girl Productions.  


Wong Kar-Wai by Peter Brunette


seedandspark.com - a great place to get assistance with film funding, to understand film funding and indie distribution.



A great resource for beginner filmmakers even if you just listen to their podcast.

Film Blackness: American Cinema and the Idea of Black Film by Michael Gillespie

Women's Weekend Film Challenge

Their virtual workshop series, that I believe can be viewed on Youtube as well as their virtual space is really great for women looking to break into the industry or are emerging artists.