Amie Simon

Director of Marketing, Smarthouse Creative

Seattle, Washington, United States

Amie Simon (@ReAmimator) has 15+ years of marketing experience as a content strategizer, creator, and copywriter for social, web, and print. She spent almost 4 years at MoPOP (formerly EMP Museum) creating geek-focused content, and growing their social audience. She knows the ins-and-outs of campaigns, taglines, brand voice, social media, community building, targeted ads, and #squadgoals.

Amie’s loved film ever since she saw an Imperial Star Destroyer loom across the UA 150 screen in 1977 and has applied that love to Seattle’s since 2009, leading TIG’s film festival coverage and obsessing over which movie soundtracks are the best. Her two favorite film genres are horror and period-set dramas, specifically Jane Austen adaptations. Amie also slays at ‘80s trivia and has a side project called I LOVE SPLATTER!, with a podcast that highlights horror films directed by women.