David Ambrose

Clifton, New Jersey, United States

David is an independent filmmaker of Peruvian heritage, currently residing in New Jersey. While living in a time of history where hatred and lies divide mass audiences, David is committed to connecting audiences of all backgrounds through filmmaking and humor. He hopes to expand his directing career further so he can continue to tell more diverse stories the older he gets, stories that expand into different geographical regions in particular. A career goal of David is to make more narrative films revolving around Peruvian stories. His family is from Huancayo, Peru, and David's career goal is to base a feature film off his family's experience of immigrating from Huancayo, Peru to the US. The film would revolve around immigrating while never losing their Peruvian heritage, with combining the elements of humor and drama. This project is currently being written. A short term goal for David is to continue directing short films, and bring light to diverse cast & crew members, so they can all tell the best stories together ("Pickle Sandwich"). David is currently working on "Honey", a short film about an indigenous woman's struggles through marriage and her own sexuality. David believes in giving the megaphone to the voices left unheard, especially in media. He is excited for what's next and looking forward to meeting new people with different perspectives. Please feel free to email David and say hi: davidambrose1298@gmail.com