Cole Swanson

Writer and Director

Los Angeles, California, United States

Cole Swanson stands as an acclaimed luminary, a screenwriter and film director celebrated not only for his prowess in crafting narratives but also for his illustrious collaborations with industry titans. Cole has worked in the realms of storytelling and the dynamic arenas of collaboration, where he has lent his visionary touch to the likes of Converse and Universal Music Group, sculpting visual opuses for renowned artists including James Blake, Selena Gomez, The Beatles, and Lana del Rey. Cole Swanson's creative educational journey culminated in 2023 where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film & Television Production from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. In pursuit of artistic mastery, he was selected as a director at England's National Film and Television School, where the nuanced craft of directing and storytelling was further developed. Cole Swanson's narrative tapestry weaves threads of innovation and artistry, illuminating the creative landscape with each endeavor all while further cultivating a new genre he has coined as "New Wave Black Naturalism." His new film Betty & Blue shot on 16mm film and starring Keith David will start its festival run in 2024. Cole is also developing his debut feature film Bloom, a coming-of-age drama/romance set in the gorgeous landscape of Tuscany, Italy.