Charles "Chic" Eglee

Charles Eglee was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and raised in Connecticut and Massachusetts. He graduated cum laude from The Williston Northampton School and went on to receive a B.A. in English from Yale University.

After a brief stint teaching film history at Yale, Eglee moved to California and worked for Roger Corman, where he met James Cameron. With Cameron, Eglee wrote PIRANHA II: THE SPAWNING under the screen name H.A. Milton. Subsequently, he wrote and produced the mutant rodent, canuxploitation classic, DEADLY EYES.

In 1984, Eglee moved to television, joining the writing staff of ST. ELSEWHERE, after which he went on to become writer/supervising producer of the ABC hit series, MOONLIGHTING. At Steven Bochco Productions, Eglee wrote and co-executive produced the ABC series CIVIL WARS, and wrote for L.A. LAW. He co-created the short-lived ABC series, The BYRDS OF PARADISE, starring Timothy Busfield, Seth Green and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Eglee joined NYPD BLUE as writer/co-executive producer. With Steven Bochco, he co-created the

series MURDER ONE and TOTAL SECURITY, starring Jim Belushi and James Remar. Eglee and James Cameron co-created DARK ANGEL, a futuristic, dystopian drama starring Jessica Alba.

Eglee has served as writer and executive producer for THE SHIELD, THE WALKING DEAD, HEMLOCK GROVE and DEXTER, the latter receiving Emmy nominations for Best Dramatic Series during his tenure. He is a six-time Emmy nominee, winning the award for NYPD BLUE. His work on THE SHIELD was recognized with a Peabody Award. He is currently the showrunner for the Starz drama, AMERICAN GODS.

Of 'The 101 Best Written TV Series of All Time,' chosen by the Writers Guild of America, Charles Eglee has been on the writing staff of six.