bonnie lenore kyburz

University Writing Professor, Actor, Background Artist, Filmmaker, Writer, ...

Naperville, IL, USA


To begin, since you're all film people, you may be interested to know that I get told on the daily that I look like Meryl Streep. I do. I'm not bragging. I just do. This gets complicated whenever I audition. INT SMALL ROOM IN SOME NONDESCRIPT BUILDING WHERE YOU MIGHT GET KILLED OR YOU MIGHT GET DISCOVERED -- DAY CASTING DIRECTOR (through a fingercage, steeples gently touching chin) Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Meryl Streep?! BONNIE Yes. Thank you! (to self: NO PRESSURE!) I'd write "END SCENE," but this is pretty routine. I enjoy acting, filmmaking, and being on a film set. I'm also crazy grateful to be able to support creative friends and colleagues; it keeps me close to the work I love, feeling purposeful. I've been a Theater Manager at the Sundance Film Festival for 18 years. Hearing filmmakers' stories gave me courage to try making little films, myself. As an academic, I began publishing contemplative shorts in online journals. My little films are about identity, meaning, and textuality, especially in and through the post-digital turn. Eventually, I wrote a book about this activity (I'm not the only one making films instead of "simply" writing papers and books). My book, Cruel Auteurism is open access (if you're interested (see link, below). I'm still hoping to parlay my acting, interpersonal, performance-based, writing, and other skills so that I find a professional home beyond academia, in film. I have 2 languishing screenplay ideas, and a few documentary projects I'd love to launch. However, since I left my tenured job to move to IL to be with family, I've got less and less professional and financial security, so I'm hoping to connect with opportunities. And, if I can help you in some way, please reach out!!