Luis Ramón Quintero


Los Angeles, CA, USA


As a first generation Mexican-American storyteller, my body of work features stories that entertain and inspire through emotionally engaging experiences. I love to educate and empower through entertainment. And equally important, having grown up in an under-served community, and choosing to pursue academia instead of the streets, I’m now in a position to help young creatives find their own positive pathways. Through a dedication to mentor and serve, I was honored to Chair the Hispanic Heritage committee at KCET for three years. Following that I became Vice Chair of the Community Advisory Board (CAB) for two years, and ultimately became the CAB Chair during the final term of its six-year span. I was the youngest CAB Chair in KCET television history. After six years at KCET I joined the Board of Directors for the Expediente Rojo Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works directly with the LAPD, FBI, Consumer Affairs and other government agencies to help bridge the gap between law enforcement and the under-served communities. A core mission we implemented was to educate the communities through public forums free of charge. It has been six wonderful years of service with the Board of Directors and the time has come for me to enter a new phase of mentorship. Additionally, the positive relationships I’ve established with the DGA, WGA, NHMC, NALIP, Universal Pictures, TBS, KCET, Sony, Legendary, Netflix, Disney, Variety, as well as local communities in the greater Los Angeles area, are paramount in terms of my increasing knowledge of and access to invaluable resources available to those organizations I serve. The collaboration and team leadership I proffer has attracted like-minded freelance artists, universities and community activists. It is this synergy that will prove effective in our future connectivity. I look forward to meeting with you to continue our conversation as to how we can best be of service to one another. Warm Regards, Luis Ramón Quintero Writer, Director Luis Ramón Quintero is the founder of Foreshadowing Entertainment & co-founder of Ajuua Entertainment. His short film "Guiltless" received accolades on the festival circuit. In 2016 it was nominated for an Imagen Award in the Best Theatrical Short category by Norman Lear's Imagen Foundation. Previously Luis was a finalist of the NBC Universal Pictures Emerging Writer's Fellowship with his screenplay "Shadows of the Soul" in 2014.