Jason Marcus


Los Angeles, CA, USA


Jason Marcus is a writer and comedian born and raised in Boston. His mother is Native American and Cuban, while his father is Indonesian and Hawaiian – so he grew up very mixed-race in the rough and racist, Irish-Catholic neighborhoods of South Boston. He started performing standup when he was nineteen, and then spent every night doing as many sets as he could. By his twenty-second birthday, Jason was a full time working comic, and was even touring internationally. He won Catch a Rising Star’s “Catch A New Rising Star” Competition, the Detroit International Comedy Festival, and also placed second in Budd Friedman & Adam Sandler’s “Funny People” Contest in Las Vegas. Looking for more stage time, he moved to New York City, where he studied sketch at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and fell in love with comedy writing. A year later, he was selected to participate in the NBC Late Night Writers Workshop, where he received training in short-form comedy from some of the most prolific writers in Late Night. Since, he’s doubled down on longer-form writing. He took every class, read every book, and listened to every podcast on screenwriting he could find. As always, the harder he worked, the luckier he got, and soon Jason was awarded the Silver Prize in the Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest and a Spotlight Award for “Best Dialogue” in the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition. Jason’s work ethic remains strong. In 2018, his writing placed in the Austin Film Festival as a Second Rounder, the PAGE Awards as a Semi-Finalist, the WeScreenplay TV Pilot Contest as Quarterfinalist, and was featured in the New York Television Festival – earning distinction as a “Notable Writer.” He’s also been chosen to take part in fellowships and workshops such as the Native American TV Writers Lab and Kung Fu Monkey Productions’ TV Writers Bootcamp. He writes because he loves writing, but also because he wants to shape the industry by generating content that is more inclusive of the cultures he grew up in. A testament to the importance of representation, Jason points to watching John Leguizamo on House of Buggin’ as the first time he remembers ever seeing himself on screen. For that reason, he champions those within his household and community by shining a spotlight onto the most underrepresented faces in television. His goal is for everyone – especially children – to be able to recognize themselves in the characters they look up to on TV by seeing heroes who share in their same hardships and inspire them through perseverance. Though Jason’s “brand” is dark comedy, he takes his work seriously because he knows that writers create culture – a power that comes with the opportunity to responsibly provide narrative on social issues in a way that can bring communities together. That said, he’s a Libra and an above-average bowler, living in Los Angeles with his wife and adopted pug, Macho Man.