Benjamin-Shalom Rodriguez

Writer / Director / Comedian


Benjamin-Shalom Rodriguez (or simply, “Ben”) is a queer, Mexican-Israeli-American, Jewish writer, director and comedian. Some #humblebrags: 2020 Sundance Institute Feature Film Program Fellow, Will & Jada Smith Family Foundation development grant recipient, Ryan Murphy HALF Directing Mentee, NHMC TV Writers Fellow, Fox Writers Intensive Fellow, and alumnus of Film Independent’s Project Involve and CBS Showcase. As a writer/director Ben’s had 20+ comedic shorts/webisodes produced and 2 dramatic, award nominated/winning shorts produced.

Before outing himself as an artist, Ben assisted the producers of DJANGO UNCHAINED, was a talent manager in Miami for telenovela stars, and a features exec for the Lionsgate-backed, 3Pas Studios.

On the juicier personal side, before coming out as gay, Ben edged dangerously close to becoming another closeted statistic: he (accidentally, he swears!) stumbled into a meth addiction, struggled with bulimia, and was a serial monogamist - all before 18! He was basically Rue before it was HBO cool. But he got clean by simultaneously taking up surfing and becoming captain of his high school’s boys’ dance team. (Naturally.)

Now, Ben’s an out and proud filmmaker mentor with Youth Cinema Project, and charter member of the queer Latinx writers collective, The Clubhouse.